About Us

ENGEXPOR is a Portuguese company with an international outlook, a service provider for the Project and Construction Management ventures, acting also in other areas related to the sector, particularly in Feasibility Studies, Technical Audits and Maintenance Management.

In Portugal the firm has worked on the construction of more than 30 shopping centres plus a large number of office buildings, hotels and tourist resorts, residential buildings, bank head offices and new branch networks, institutional buildings, industrial facilities and infrastructure works. In Angola it has managed the construction of a number of residential and office buildings and a bank branch network, while in Romania was working on several Commercial Projects - shopping centres. Linked to large distribution, ENGEXPOR provided services in southern Brazil, in the late '90s, having retrieved his activity in that market since the beginning of 2010 where currently is coordinating the construction of some commercial developments (malls).

Since the beginning of its activity, ENGEXPOR has collaborated with some of the largest and best-known investors and promoters, Portuguese and international, ensuring to many of them, a clear spirit of partnership and mutual trust that could establish and strengthen over time and that is maintained, in some cases, for almost three decades.