Eng. Rui Alegria

Rui AlegriaRui Alegria was born in Mozambique and graduated as a civil engineer at the University of Maputo (ULM) in 1973. After working in the harbour authority in Mozambique, there as a project manager Rui went abroad and worked for a number of construction companies: for Roberts Construction in South Africa (2 years); for Soares da Costa, in Portugal (2 years); for Somor in Venezuela (6 years) and Egypt (1 year). In 1985 he founded ENGEXPOR, which was one of the first project management and construction services companies to be established in Portugal. His main responsibilities are marketing, sales and client relations in Portugal and the management of ENGEXPOR’s business in the other countries where it is now working, namely Angola, Mozambique, Romania and Brazil.

Eng. Pedro Grilo

Pedro GriloPedro Grilo was born in Portugal and graduated in 1983 as a civil engineer at I.S.T. (Instituto Superior Técnico – Higher Technical Institute) in Lisbon. From 1984 to 1988 Pedro worked in a construction company in Portugal (C. Abrantina) as site engineer and site manager of several buildings being built around the country. In 1989 he joined ENGEXPOR as project manager where he was responsible for the management of the construction of a large number of office, industrial, residential and institutional buildings all over Portugal, as well as in the EXPO’98 area in Lisbon. In 2000 Pedro went to work for Multi Development Portugal, a developer specialising in shopping centre development and urban regeneration, and was responsible as the owner’s representative for the development of the following shopping centres: FORUM MONTIJO, ALMADA FORUM, FORUM ALGARVE, FORUM MADEIRA (these as manager of the tenants’ coordination teams) and FORUM COIMBRA (as the project manager). In 2008 Pedro rejoined ENGEXPOR, this time as director with responsibility for a number of project and construction management contracts as well as being involved in the management of the company’s activities in Portugal, and technically assisting the Group's subsidiary in Brazil ENGEXPOR.

Eng. Luis Garcez

Luis GarcezLuis Garcez was born in Mozambique and graduated in 1974 as a civil engineer at the University of Maputo (ULM). In 1975 Luiz went to South Africa where he worked as a designer and project manager in an engineering consulting firm. In the following year he moved to Portugal and worked for 2 years in the Fundo de Fomento da Habitação, a state owned fund for the development of social housing schemes. From 1978 to 1987 Luiz worked for construction companies as site manager on sites in the Lisbon area and Madeira. Then he joined ENGEXPOR and went to Mozambique as a Project Manager providing technical assistance to a local public construction company (CETA). In 1993 he left ENGEXPOR and went to work with a Portuguese construction company in Mozambique (C. Abrantina) where he stayed, as a general manager, for 8 years. In 2002 he came back to ENGEXPOR as senior project manager and was responsible for the coordination of 3 important office building contracts in Lisbon. In 2004 Luiz went to Luanda, Angola, to start the activities of ENGEXPOR in that country and stayed there until 2007, when was promoted to director of the company. Luiz was the responsible for ENGEXPOR’s team working on the construction of a mega shopping centre (DVT) in Amadora, Lisbon which has a gross area of about 450,000 m². Currently he is the responsible for ENGEXPOR’s team in a residential resort - Estoril Residence, an high quality development near Cascais, Lisbon, and this year took over the management of the Group's subsidiary in Angola ENGEXPOR Lda.