Our History

ENGEXPOR was founded in 1985 by Rui Alegria, to whom, shortly after, joined three other members and former university colleagues. The company was re-organized in mid-2011 when a reshape of the shareholders was considered, for 4 new members, company employees in a long time that, supporting Rui Alegria, became part of the corporate structure of Engexpor.

The company’s expertizes in Project Management and Construction (inspired by the model of Project / Construction Management). The previous policy of growth was maintained, and from its headquarters in Lisbon, has also offices in Porto, Luanda, Bucharest, Sao Paulo, Bogota and Maputo.

The Company was heavily involved in the EXPO'98 Project, in Lisbon, in the Management of some of its flagship projects, as was the Pavilion of Portugal. Adding prestige to its name with this participation, the period between 1994 to 1998 to ENGEXPOR also resulted in a significant increase of their size, which also contributed to some of the largest private developments that took place after the close of the exhibition.

In 1997 gave the first steps towards internationalization with the opening of an office in Brazil. In 2004 it began operations in Angola, in 2007 in Romania, and in 2009 gave technical supporting to a long term Client in the development of some shopping centers, one in Palermo, Italy and two others in Spain (Madrid and La Coruña).

Since the beginning of 2010 stepped up its operations in the Brazilian market where it is involved in the construction of some commercial developments, and invested strongly in business contacts in new markets, resulting the opening of new offices in Mozambique and Colombia.

Due to the economic crisis in Europe in general, and particularly in Portugal, the company currently has over 80% of its turnover abroad.