Hotels and Resorts

ENGEXPOR has acted as the managers, coordinators and supervisors of the construction and remodelling of hotels and tourist resorts all over Portugal. The increase in activity in the tourist sector in Portugal, particularly in the Algarve and along the Alentejo coast, has made it a focus for the expansion of ENGEXPOR’S business. 

> €350 million of works managed and completed.


This early 20th century hotel in the north of Portugal was built in the grand style of the 19th century palace hotels and was designed to serve a clientele which came to take the waters. Unicer, Portugal’s leading brewery company, is now refurbishing the whole of the interior in accordance with a design of Portugal’s best known architect, Siza Vieira, and it is expected to reopen as a hotel de charme in 2010.


The recebntly opend Hotel Neya, in Lisbon, is an exemple of Recosntruction policy in the sector. Engexpor was involved in the Project and Construction Management of this development.