In the housing sector ENGEXPOR has been involved in the management, coordination and supervision of various luxury residential developments, located mainly in the Greater Lisbon region. The strict quality requirements and guarantees required in this sector have obliged the company to create specific systems for checking design and construction, and the need for quality control has meant that the services we provide have become especially important.

> €600 million of works managed and completed.


Luxury development in the residential sector, is a building with "bold" architecture and "irregular” structure that stands out in the landscape of marginal Estoril. The ENGEXPOR made the Project Coordination and Work of this enterprise.


Developed by MSF, one of Portugals’ leading construction and development companies, this residential complex incorporated an existing row of houses plus new apartment blocks clustered around an internal patio with shops and restaurants. There are 47 apartments and about 50 shops and restaurants. It has become one of Lisbon’s favourite lunch stops.