Retail and Restaurants

ENGEXPOR has acted for a number of operators in the retail and restaurant sectors. It has supervised projects and has worked on defining the development programme, drawing up the working drawings for the different specialities and the construction of new buildings, guaranteeing that the job is completed on time and within the budget initially agreed.

> €10 million of works managed and completed.

UNITEL - Expansion of shop network for Unitel Telecommunications

ENGEXPOR has been contracted by UNITEL (main mobile communications company of Angola) to provide services of Design execution and Construction Management for the new UNITEL Shops in Luanda and Provinces. This contract started in April / 2010 and up to now 3 complete Shop Designs were done (SAMBA, CUCA and ILHA DO CABO) and 3 others are under way (FILDA, PETRANGOL / CACUACO and External works at Centro de Comutação of Luanda Sul). The construction works will start soon

DECATHLON (Alfragide)

ENGEXPOR managed the construction works for this well-known company of some of its stand alone units. The Alfragide unit for example was the company’s first unit in Portugal. It also managed and coordinated the fitting out of other units including the large stores in Forum Montijo (Multi) and Loures (Carrefour).


This restaurant fronting onto the River Tagus was developed by converting an old warehouse. Only the façade of the building was retained and all the interior was newly built. It has become a reference point for new restaurants in Lisbon.