Better communication, better customer service


MySite is a platform created with the purpose of continuously improving the services we provide to our clients, through the simplification and accessibility of procedures among all employees.

It is part of Engexpor’s digital transformation process and acts as each employee’s main connection with the company, their work group and their projects. In addition to providing a global vision of everything that is happening in the company, it allows access to up-to-date information from any location and to communicate with all employees.

The advantages of having an Information Management system are evident in the ways of working and in communication:

  • Storing, organising and sharing company information;

  • Collaborative work;

  • Ease of implementation of the Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment and Safety);

  • Improved internal and external communication, as well as at institutional level.

In addition to allowing our employees to communicate more easily and expeditiously, the platform has created a feeling of closeness between all colleagues, regardless of distance, improving the organisational climate. MySite has elevated people’s experience in several domains:

plataforma MySite Engexpor
  • Improved Task Management at individual and team level;

  • Improvement and optimisation of the organisation’s business processes;

  • Increased employee productivity;

  • Greater involvement of employees in the Company’s activity;

  • Improved customer and partner experience;

  • Improvement of the decision-making process.

MySite’s functionalities were designed to bring people closer to each other and to the company structure, promoting collaboration between everyone:

  • Disclosure of news and initiatives in which Engexpor participates, creating a direct, daily communication vehicle for all employees with the company, regardless of where they are;

  • Anywhere, through any device – desktop, tablet or mobile – Engexpor’s employees can access projects and share information with colleagues and clients in a safe and updated manner;

  • It allows there to be, on a single platform, information from all departments and all projects and to get to know all those involved in each area or project;

  • In the people search section, you can find the contacts and profiles of all colleagues and contact them by email or message;

  • The software guides and digital training section provides technical manuals – in text and video format – for learning the various software available at Engexpor, as well as information on legislation, quality and sustainability, promoting the continuous training of employees.

The opinion of employees

MySite has become an excellent communication channel and an essential working tool in the daily lives of our employees. This was the feeling expressed in a satisfaction survey carried out among the company’s employees.


consider that MySite has improved internal and external communication


report that improved communication has had a very positive impact on the decision-making process


stated that they use MYSITE daily