>Armazéns do Chiado Shopping Center

Armazéns do Chiado Shopping Center

The unmistakable work of the architect Siza Vieira gave life to this project to reconstruct the former Grandes Armazéns do Chiado Shopping Center, destroyed in the fire of 1988. A concept that prioritizes the need to maintain balance between history and reconstruction, between architecture and its urban use, creating new synergies in Chiado and Baixa Lisboeta.

With a rehabilitated structure and outer façade, the space has been converted into a modern, comfortable and high quality shopping center, with a strong cultural element. The horizontal structure of the building’s floors follows the historical nature of the façade, connecting the vast terraces with the central tower, the base of which, in front of Rua Garrett, maintains the same entrance with the imposing features typical of old stores.

Located in one of the city’s prime locations, oozing with the Portuguese capital’s charisma and cosmopolitan nature, the shopping mall has become a benchmark not only for Lisbon residents but also for the thousands of tourists who enjoy Chiado’s vibrant charm.

In the refurbishment of the shopping center Engexpor was entrusted with project and construction management, alongside the shopkeepers’ committee.

Multi Development Corporation
13.975 m2
20.000 m2
Project Management, Construction Management, Shopkeepers' Committee
Armazéns do Chiado Armazéns do Chiado