>Fórum Sintra Shopping Center

Fórum Sintra Shopping Center

Resulting from the extension and conversion of the former Feira Nova hypermarket, Forum Sintra is a modern structure located by the IC 19 motorway that stands out for its striking design. Opened in 2011, the Forum Sintra boasts a commercial area of 55,000 m², including three floors, 182 shops, 20 restaurant areas and 7 cinema rooms.

Responsible for project and construction management, Engexpor helped transform an architectural concept underpinned by environmental concerns into an innovative building by focusing on construction quality and seamless integration with the surroundings. As a result, the centre offers unique environments whose character is achieved through the use of different materials.

Moreover, Forum Sintra was designed such as to include the former hypermarket building, in addition to boasting two exterior terraces that afford views of the Sintra Mountain and the urban area that confers this region its distinctive identity.

Engexpor was also responsible for coordinating shop installation, allowing for a quality, innovative shopping experience and ensuring that Forum Sintra remains a widely popular shopping and leisure destination.

Multi Development Corporation
55.000 m2
Project Management, Construction Management and Shopkeepers' Committee
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