>Liberdade 203

Liberdade 203

At the intersection between Avenida da Liberdade and Rosa Araújo street, we finde the buildings that gave birth to Liberdade 203. These are excellent examples of a post-Pombaline style that left its mark on the urban landscape of Lisbon. With three independent entrances for use by residents, Freedom 203 results in a harmonious architectural language that is common to the whole.

The buildings have undergone rigorous renovation, safeguarding their historical and cultural legacy, while the materials and finishes have been carefully selected to create unique spaces and environments. Recovery and renovation of the most relevant elements were the slogans of the intervention, from the stone cornices to the metal guards of the balconies, the wooden staircase and the period elevator to the original decoration of the ceilings.

With the most modern technical solutions and an extraordinary use of the light of Lisbon, these apartments bring together their traditional original design and a modern style, all having direct access from the parking lot at the 3 underground floors.

20.500 m2
Liberdade 203 Liberdade 203 Liberdade 203