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Santa Helena

Located inside the Fernandina wall, in Alfama, in an elevated position facing the river and the valley of São Miguel, the Palace Santa Helena is being renovated to welcome 20 unique apartments.

The Palace, whose construction began at the end of the century, was for four centuries the family residence of the Counts of São Martinho, and although it offers an imposing presence in most of the views over Alfama, it is a true treasure to be discovered. The renovation project, designed by the architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho, restores the grandeur and beauty of the building by preserving and restoring various decorative details, such as its magnificent friezes of tiles, frescoes on the walls, even an enigmatic chapel richly crafted. The project also foresees the construction of some new volumes, in contemporary lines.

Each of the 20 apartments is unique and different from the others: they are either equipped with an indoor garden, or enjoy a swimming pool or open to an amazing frontal view over the Tagus.

Stone Capital
5.600 m2
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