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Environmental Evaluation

Having information on environmental quality and soil characteristics can be vital to assessing the feasibility of some investments. It is important to determine if there is risk, if that risk compromises the investment, and if the cost to remedy it is compensatory. These are informations that we provide to investors so they can make the best decision.

When there are concerns about the quality of soils, and eventually any pollution or contamination, our environmental evaluation identifies and examines all potential risks that could affect the transaction or the development of the project, providing investors with the data they need to make an informed and correct decision.

The growing environmental awareness as well as the rigorous environmental legislation demand that these issues receive increasingly higher precautions on the part of investors during the due diligence process, especially because the costs from eventually need to clear or treat the soils, and transport them to authorized landfills, should be contemplated in the project business plan.

Our specialized team performs a complete examination of the documentation, the history of the previous use of the land, as well as visits to the site to collect soil samples for analysis, in a lab,  of the  soil quality, whenever is necessary.