>266 Liberdade

266 Liberdade

Historical building, winner of the Valmor Prize in the year of its inauguration. It was erected in the 1940s to host the Diário de Notícias newspaper. Now it is being renovated and turned into a real estate residential building. The 266 Liberdade brings to the main and most prestigious avenue of Lisbon 34 luxury apartments, a shop on ground 0 along with private parking with capacity for 47 vehicles. Its ex-libris is one of the most exclusive houses for sale in the capital and is the T5 of the last floor – a penthouse with 408 m², foursuites, an exterior terrace of 416 m² and an interior one.

It was built between 1936 and 1940 with Pardal Monteiro architecture, being known at the time as the first modern building on Liberdade Avenue. A property of great wealth, where we can highlight some works by Almada Negreiros, which will be preserved and have been especially created for this space, such as the “Great planisphere” or the “Four allegories to Portugal and the press”.

Nevertheless, all the original architectural elements and features will be preserved, such as facades, stairs, banisters with their original color, the walls covered with stone, the corridors, the elevator from those times, and the rotating wooden door of the entrance on Liberdade Avenue.

8.400 m2
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