>A.C. Camargo Cancer Centre

A.C. Camargo Cancer Centre

A building located at Avenue Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, São Paulo, was renovated and adapted to give rise to a new A. C. Camargo Cancer Centre hospital.

Engexpor was responsible for project management and construction, allowing the company to continue expanding its operations in the private healthcare sector in Brazil.

The project entailed not only civil construction works management and coordination, but also the installation of visual communications and hospital equipment, woodwork, refurbishment, elevator renovation, and exterior landscaping.

Five floors were converted and equipped such as to allow the oncology center to function smoothly and offer its patients the very best conditions, from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

A reception area was built on the ground floor, affording access to floors 3 and 4, which have been converted to house medical offices, operating suites, exam rooms, and meeting rooms, as well as kitchen and bathroom facilities. The two underground floors were converted into technical areas that provide support to the entire hospital.

A. C. Camargo
São Paulo
3.000 m2
A.C. Camargo