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Syrian-Lebanese Hospital

The Syrian-Lebanese Hospital is a worldwide renowned Brazilian healthcare establishment currently undergoing renovation by Engexpor. Renovation works at the São Paulo unit aim to improve and modernise several hospital service areas and facilities.

The services rendered by Engexpor include consulting; management and supervision of civil construction works; and as-built project verification and commissioning.

Boasting a gross floor area of approximately 100,000 m² in Bela Vista, São Paulo, the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital offers 710 beds and over 40 medical specialties, as well as preventive medicine programs, emergency services, in-patient services, highly complex therapies and rehabilitation, amongst other healthcare services. The hospital serves more than 120,000 patients every year.

Designed in 1921 and opened in 1965, the hospital was envisioned by an association formed by Syrian-Lebanese immigrants for the express purpose of conveying their gratitude to Brazil for the kindly way their community was welcomed to the country.

The Syrian-Lebanese Hospital is widely known by its qualified healthcare staff and advanced, pioneering technologies, which have earned it the recognition of relevant public figures in Brazil. Faithful to its core values, the establishment is also actively involved in the pursuit of social responsibility, education, and research goals.

Syrian-Lebanese Hospital (Ladies Charitable Society)
São Paulo
100.000 m2
Under development
Hospital Sírio-Libanês