>Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

The building of the former Faculty of Engineering, on the Sintra Campus of the Catholic University of Portugal, has been rehabilitated and adapted to receive the first private medical school in Portugal.

This adaptation of the existing building to the needs of a medical school is based on the Maastricht University program.

The architectural program of the new Faculty of Medicine is structured around the following functional areas distributed throughout the building:

  • Classrooms/auditoriums;
  • Skills lab;
  • Anatomy;
  • Research;
  • Study/ Library Spaces;
  • Management/Administrative Support Area;
  • Cafeteria/Bar

The intervention was managed by Engexpor and, besides the alteration of the interior layout to receive the new faculty of the Catholic University of Portugal, it contemplated the renovation and adaptation of several specialties, among which HVAC, Fire Safety, Electrical Installations, Structured Network, and Hydraulic Networks.

The work also included landscaping architecture and the creation of specific services for the Faculty of Medicine, such as the Anatomy Room. In total, the building comprises a construction area of 9,500 m2, plus 2,500 m2 outside for parking and a green area.

Catholic University of Portugal
9.500 m2