>AGEAS Head Office

AGEAS Head Office

In Parque das Nações, with views looking out over gardens designed by Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles, a new office block is to be built to house the Ageas Group Portugal’s headquarters, comprising the brands Ageas Seguros, Médis, Ocidental and Seguro Directo.

With a total of 17,400 m2 spread over 12 floors, the building has noteworthy technological innovation, environmental concern, efficiency and flexibility, featuring top quality finishes, comfort and well-being for employees. The insurer is seeking to create working conditions geared towards giving back to the community.

Designed by the architect Eduardo Capinha Lopes, the new Ageas Head Office project is unique due to its size and distinctive architecture, and will certainly be one of Portugal’s leading office blocks.

Engexpor was awarded the project and works management, with the offices being custom-designed for the client in line with the most innovative and sustainable trends on the market, and accommodating new ways of working.

40.400 m2
AGEAS Head Office AGEAS Head Office AGEAS Head Office AGEAS Head Office AGEAS Head Office