Engexpor is in-charge of the project and construction management of the Monumental building, a historic landmark of Lisbon, located in one of the most dynamic business areas in the city, recently refurbished.

The building will be completely refurbished, with a comprehensive and structuring intervention that will focus on the interior of the commercial area, offices and parking, as well as the complete renovation of the facade, which will have a modern and transparent image and will be more efficient and environmentally sustainable. The project includes active ventilated glass facades with centralised management to control light and thermal conditions.

With the rehabilitation, the building aims to achieve LEED Gold certification, the second highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental) system rating that sets strategies and standards for building sustainable buildings.
The Monumental, with 12 floors above ground and 6 below ground, will maintain the valences of offices, commercial area and cinemas.

Merlin Properties
39.300 m2