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West Tower

Completed in 2011, the West Tower integrates the Colombo Towers complex, one of the highest references in the office market in Lisbon, excelling for their majestic dimension and architecture, in addition to incorporating the most advanced building techniques and technological options.

The project is comprised by two main buildings, with a total accrued office area of 58,000 sqm, which associated with the Colombo shopping center, make this complex the biggest building cluster of mixed usage in Portugal, with a total area of 500,000 sqm approx.

The West Tower is 29,000 sqm distributed by 14 floors, in addition to 500 parking spaces. Engineered as a response to the big companies spatial needs, it features one useful floor space per floor in open space of up to 2,000 sqm. It is positioned in the prime market segment and, among its occupants, are several renowned companies operating in Portugal.

The project was signed by the architect José Quintela and incorporates the most advanced technological solutions in regards to the environment and energy savings, which awarded the project with the class B energy certification, the second highest.

Engexpor managed both the project and its construction, after successfully accompanying the construction of the East Tower for the same client.

Sonae Sierra, CGD, Iberdrola, ING Real Estate
26.200 m2