>Atlantic Towers

Atlantic Towers

Majestically present in the marginal of Luanda’s bay, the Atlantic Towers were built to house a 3-oil companies consortium, namely Sonangol, Esso and BP. Currently the highest building of the Angolan capital comprises 3 distinct blocks: one, destined to office spaces; one, to housing areas; and, the other, to parking and leisure areas.

The office block, with 20 floors, is served by seven passenger elevators and, on the first floor, holds a cafeteria, a restaurant with 432 seats, technical facilities with telecommunications, and an elevated platform that functions as heliport.

The residential block has 11 apartment floors served by 12 elevators, as well as 5 parking floors and other equipment. The building destined to parking holds 5 dedicated floors, in addition to a pool and garden terrace.

Incorporated into the housing and property rehabilitation plan for the city of Luanda, the project, conceived by EDI Architecture, exhibits a concrete structure with different heights between floors and lightened slabs, which demanded strong technical skills to the companies involved, among which Engexpor, responsible for the project and the construction management.

62.000 m2