>Henrique Mendonça Palace

Henrique Mendonça Palace

The Henrique Mendonça Palace, located on Rua Marquês da Fronteira, has been restored to house the global Imamat Ismaili (Ismaili community) headquarters.

Frederico Valsassina is the architecture in charge of the project, which has carefully recovered the stone, original plaster and all the interior images, wood and paintings. The façades have been fully maintained: the iron frames are preserved and the wooden frames have been restored. In terms of chandeliers and lighting, a French company was in charge of executing this part of the project. The complex, meticulous works also include construction of a parking lot and two elevators.

The landscaper Iñaki Zoilo also worked on the palace restoration, and oversaw the rehabilitation of the historical, 3-hectare garden. The Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation also worked on the project, overseeing restoration of decorational elements, such as the tiles of Manuel Gustavo Bordalo Pinheiro, the wooden and bronze panels, decorative painting, stucco and textiles.

Commissioned by Henrique José Monteiro de Mendonça (1864-1942) to the architect Ventura Terra in 1902, the Italian-influenced, classical architecture palace received the Valmor Prize in 1909, the year of its inauguration, and is now considered a national monument.

Engexpor was chosen to manage this project and perform the rehabilitation works for this monumental building, the second undertaken with the Ismaili community in Lisbon.

Ismaco (Aga Khan)
5.800 m2
Under development
Henrique Mendonça Palace