>Porta do Sol

Porta do Sol

Architect Daciano da Costa’s latest project, called Porta do Sol (Sun Port), occupied a central position on the premises and it was destined to welcome visitors arriving Lisbon Oriente Station by public transportation.

This was an extremely ambitious project for Engexpor because of its engeneering connecting it to the intermodal platform of public transportation, and the logistics of controlling points of entry, tickets and accessability.

Our intervention also covered the maintenance of this port, through which passed more than 5 million people, or 50% of the total registered entries to the Expo’98 .

Once the world exposition was over, the Porta do Sol, ocuppying the area of the current Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall, was disabled for one month and the shopping mall – that we also managed – opened to the public seven months later.

Parque Expo’98
Porta do Sol Porta do Sol Porta do Sol