>Repair and conversion of Olivais Dock

Repair and conversion of Olivais Dock

The site chosen to host Expo’98, Docas dos Olivais [Dock] had been a degraded industrial zone, which had long ago served as a Seaplane Base of great strategic importance during the Second World War.

Its transformation led to the creation of one of the world expo’s major attractions, with the installation of the Lisbon Oceanarium at the site, and around it, the Portugal Pavilion. It is today one of the most enjoyable and pleasant places of the capital, with excellent conditions for running and trekking, in a 6-km course. The magnificent view and light of the Tejo River estuary follows alongside the entire course, some parts unpaved, some parts in stone, grass, and wooden catwalks, some inside the river.

The management of the project, repair and conversion works of the Olivais Dock was performed by Engexpor, as evidence of our close involvement in the erection of buildings and equipment which hosted the last world expo of the twentieth century, the best expo of all times, according to Bureaux International des Expositions.

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