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Project Management

We install innovative management systems to accompany the project step-by-step, adding value at each stage.

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Consulting Tendering and Contracting

Selecting the design team and the contractors who will be responsible for the construction is critical factor in the success of the project. Our experience, credibility and negotiation skills add value for our clients at the tendering and contracting stage.

Architecture and Engineering Design Procurement

Our market knowledge and complete independence allow us to work with our client to select and contract the most suitable design team to outline the architectural , struture and MEP specialties design, in accordance with the characteristics of the project and the developer itself.

Contractor Procurement

The tendering and contracting stage is decisive for the projects’ success, especially the selection of the most suitable contractor or contractors that offer the best cost-benefit ratio.  Our experience and professional relationship with diverse construction companies, and especially the exemptionand credibility that we have earned over the last 35 years, provide our clients with the guarantee of an impartial analysis of the contractors and correct advice to our clients. Over time we have developed a fast analysis and negotiation method that is put in practice by experienced professionals who go through the procurement process effectively and assist the client to make its decision.