>CPFL dam in Campina Grande do Sul

CPFL dam in Campina Grande do Sul

Engexpor’s coordination and inspection work in the assembly of two penstock lines for the replacement of the pipeline in a dam located in Campina Grande do Sul was essential to be able to meet the deadline stipulated by our client, CPFL Energias Renováveis.

Our planning department identified that it would be necessary to reach the goal of three welds per day (and not two as previously defined) to comply with the work schedule on each of the 390 metres of steel pipes, including 61 welding joints that connect 53 penstocks and 5 expansion joints.

As a result of this planning, the histogram increased to achieve the proposed objective and, thanks to the commitment and synergy of the team managed by Engexpor, the production of welding and assembly of ducts grew daily. All welds were inspected, either by testing with Penetrating Liquid or with the X-ray technique.

In the execution of this project, we are responsible for the Coordination and Inspection of the services essential to the replacement of the penstocks together with CPFL, including:

  • Disassembly of the existing penstocks and respective disposal at an appropriate location, respecting environmental standards;
  • Rearrangement of support blocks, considering their levelling through topography;
  • Construction of drainage channels for infiltration water of tunnel walls;
  • Manufacture and assembly of the new penstock (390 metres long, 1400 mm internal diameter and 12.70 mm thick);
  • Supply of all material, parts and equipment essential for the realisation of this project and its proper functioning.
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