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Ismaili Center

The Ismaili Center in Lisbon is a unique architectural complex occupying an area of 18 thousand square meters, 12 thousand of which consisting of gardens and patios. This monumental lioz stone and glass building, located in the heart of the Laranjeiras Neighborhood, is the main religious and meeting temple of the Ismaili community in Portugal, a true oasis in the city, which is also opened to all visitors who wish to know the space.

The project resulted from an international competition, in which the Indian architect Raj Rewal was selected, who was then joined by the office of the Portuguese architect Frederico Valsassina. The landscape architecture was entrusted to PROAP.

Inspired by the philosophy and traditions of Eastern Islamic architecture combined with those from the Iberian Peninsula, the project highlights these principles in the composition of spaces, in the numerous courtyards and fountains, in the stonework and the metal gates, in the Mediterranean flora and in the numerous traditional species of the Portuguese gardens, like the orange grove, which you can see standing out on the main staircases.

The management of the construction of this challenging work was entrusted to Engexpor, resulting in a huge success, which has become a synonym for trust for our client, by re-selecting our services to follow the endeavor of its global headquarters in Lisbon.

Ismaco (Aga-Khan)
10.000 m2
Lisbon Ismaili Centre Lisbon Ismaili Centre Lisbon Ismaili Centre Lisbon Ismaili Centre Lisbon Ismaili Centre Lisbon Ismaili Centre