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Neya Lisboa Hotel

A sustainable urban hotel located in the heart of Lisbon, NEYA offers contemporary architecture, the product of rehabilitating an old building using predominantly Portuguese materials, including furniture made from recycled raw materials.

To reduce the environmental impact of its activities, the Hotel followed by a set of responsible, conscientious practices from the construction phase, which include 20 thermal solar panels installed on the roof of the building, which heat water.

In 2014, NEYA attained Greenleaders status from TripAdvisor, and the Green Key certificate. It also won the Green Project Award in 2017, having also been chosen as an example to follow by the municipality of Lisbon in the scope of an Urban Waste project aiming to reduce waste linked to tourism in 11 European cities.

Engexpor was in charge of project and construction management for a work where the principal concerns involved maximizing the building’s levels of energy efficiency, and maintaining the quality and comfort standards required of a 4-star urban hotel.

AZAD-Sociedade de Investimentos Turísticos e Hoteleiros
5.000 m2
Neya Lisboa Hotel Neya Lisboa Hotel

Green Project Award