>Extrema Logistics Park

Extrema Logistics Park

Planned to offer the utmost efficiency, security and flexibility to the companies, the Extrema Logistics Park hosts 5 modular warehouses, with an area between 1.046 m² and 36.000 m². It also holds platforms with levelers, and a wide area for trucks to maneuver, mezzanines ready for expansion, optical fiber Internet connection, landline connection, restaurant, meeting rooms, area for breaks for the collaborators and service suppliers.

The exterior area offers 44 parking spaces for vans, buses and cars to guarantee an efficient procedure, without traffic to access the enterprise.

The municipality of Extrema and the second biggest industrial centre of Mina Gerais are integratetd in the broad Fernão Dias highway. Their strategic localization also benefits from the proximity to the State of São Paulo: only 2 Km from the geographic demarcation and around 100 Km from its capital.

The project management and its construction was trusted to Engexpor, to ensure the modern standards and established functionalities for the enterprise. The intervention was awarded with an honorable mention from the VBI and Ambev, for completing part of the project in a very short timeframe: 14.000 m² in 130 days.

VBI Real Estate
Minas Gerais
81.000 m2
Extrema Logistics Park