>Salvador International Airport

Salvador International Airport

A strategic piece of infrastructure for Salvador’s tourism industry, the Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport is the largest and busiest in the state of Bahia and is among the busiest in Brazil. It is being expanded and renovated, with the addition of an extra 20,000 m², a significant enlargement to increase its commercial and flight capacity, through attracting more flights, airlines and passengers.

The work covers the expansion of the passenger terminal, the installation of six new plane boarding gates (from the current 11 to 17), and the remodeling and enlargement of the runways to increase the airport’s capacity and improve its operational safety. Improvements to the lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems are also underway, together with the modernization of escalators, bathrooms and baby-changing facilities, all designed to improve levels of passenger comfort.

Engexpor was chosen to manage the project, proving our ability and specialist knowledge for leading large-scale projects, with total safety and a quality guarantee for our clients. This is a large investment in construction and a very demanding project, with seriously tight deadlines and carried out while the airport is in operation.

61.000 m2
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