We help our clients to create exceptional destinations that provide the best experience for their guests, ensuring high quality standards that add value to hotel projects.


Having a clear vision of the success factors in the hotel sector has enabled Engexpor to be a reliable partner for investors and operators in the development of their projects, helping them to boost the results of business operations in a highly demanding market that is constantly adapting to new trends.

Customer satisfaction and quality of stay are the main indicators of success for a hotel unit. This is what will determine the return of guests, their feedback and recommendations to continue to attract visitors.

In this highly competitive market, the challenges that our clients face are also the challenges that motivate Engexpor to always find the most innovative solutions. To achieve this, we follow closely the evolution of this industry and seek to know and understand in depth all the factors that influence guest satisfaction and add value to hotel developments.

In each building we help to raise, there is a singular space that will provide unique experiences, whether for the quality of the services, the latest generation equipment, sustainability or the details that are given to enjoy and appreciate.
Our portfolio includes city hotels, hotel and residential units in prestigious tourist resorts or renovated hotels in historic palaces. We excel in the luxury segment, but we are also renowned in budget hotels.
Leading international investors and chains – Sheraton, Marriott, Meliá, Club Med, Minor Hotels, Hilton, Tivoli – rely on the support of Engexpor in the development of emblematic projects in the most vibrant tourist destinations in Portugal – Lisbon, the Algarve, Porto or Évora – and in the most exclusive tourist regions of Brazil: Costa do Sauípe, Porto Seguro or Ribeirão Preto.

We are a reference in helping our clients build experiences

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