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True business partners of our clients, we guarantee quality, safety and efficient management of budgets and deadlines.

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Commissioning and Advice during the Work’s Warranty Period

We offer total commitment to our client with each job. From the beginning of the project until the after-sales stage, we check through diverse means whether the construction respects the developer’s requirements.

Throughout the process we deploy qualified, multidisciplinary teams, led by a general coordinator with extensive knowledge and experience who is also the key contact point for managing our client relationships.


During the construction stage, we carry out tests and checks to verify all the building’s specifications, in order to ensure that the work fully complies with all the project requirements.

Provisional and Final Acceptance of Works

When the works are finished, we carry out a general inspection in collaboration with the developer. If no anomalies or deficiencies are detected, the work is provisionally accepted. 5 years after its completion, the work is finally accepted.

Management of the Work’s Warranty Period

A recent service at Engexpor, it aims to accompany and oversee small repair jobs or works that remain outstanding on the development. It can also include fit-out project analysis or minor changes made by projects’ end clients.

Our after-sales service offers unbeatable added value to developers of smaller structures.