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Construction Management

True business partners of our clients, we guarantee quality, safety and efficient management of budgets and deadlines.

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Construction Management

Besides being specialists in construction, we take on the role as our clients’ business partner. We guarantee the quality and safety of each job we carry out, while at the same time we efficiently manage budgets and schedules.

We approach Construction Management globally and execute it as a whole, but we also look at each detail of all the activities involved – control of schedule, costs and quality. These guide our teams and form the cornerstones of our culture and working methods.

Schedule Control

We supervise the works execution schedule on site, checking the contractor’s procurement schedule for subcontractors, materials and equipment. We assess the quality and sufficiency of resources at the site, whether in terms of labor, materials or equipment in use.

Financial Control

We analyze and monitor on site the services and the works already carried out, the contractors’ quantities and respective invoices, eventual modifications and additional works.

Quality Control

A crucial activity that allows us to supervise and monitor the contractors’ work in order to guarantee that the quality of the execution is in line with that set out in the design and the contract. We continue with this activity in the post-construction stage, since we exhaustively check the works carried out to identify potential anomalies that may have persisted.