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Coordination of Shopkeepers | Technical Committee of Shopkeepers

Investors are focused on the profitability of their projects and shopkeepers concentrate all their attention on the success of their business. Because we understand this, we personally accompany the whole process of installing shopkeepers.

Assess and approve projects, prepare the documentation, manage the works and individually support the shopkeepers. At the same time, we foster constant communication with the developer. These tasks are essential for the work to install shopkeepers as smoothly as possible and within the set deadlines.

Whether in shopping malls or other retail spaces or even in areas of high footfall, our skills and experience allow us to speed up each step of the process and make it more efficient.

  • Preparation of Technical Dossier for Shopkeepers.
  • Support for shopkeepers and sales teams during projects.
  • Analyze and submit store projects to the developer.
  • Accompany the execution of works.
  • Prepare and systematically update the Shopkeeper Management Map.
  • Organize and deliver the technical report on stores for use by the commercial development’s management team.