Our clients count on us to achieve their objective of providing their patients with the best possible healthcare in conditions of comfort and well-being, converting projects into innovative, high-quality facilities.


We don’t just help construct buildings. We help create spaces that have a huge impact on people and a crucial role in improving the experience of their users.

Such a complex, sensitive and extremely demanding sector, which is assumed as fundamental for human and society’s development, requires from Engexpor a broad approach, which goes far beyond the built environment. It requires study, dedication, specialised knowledge and solid experience to perfect and apply the best practices in terms of planning and management in the execution of projects.

The high quality and safety requirements of health units, the technical and technological demands imposed by today’s therapeutic innovation are indispensable conditions in every project we undertake, without ever losing sight of our clients’ operational and financial objectives in a highly competitive area.

It is this comprehensive perspective that guides our purpose when participating in healthcare projects. That is why we have been heavily involved in the construction and refurbishment of hospitals and other health units, including specialised clinics in such sensitive areas as oncology.

In Portugal and Brazil, Engexpor’s experience has won the confidence of the main private healthcare groups operating in each of the countries, such as CUF, Luz Saúde, Hospital Sírio-Libanês, AC Camargo and the United Health Group.

Supporting our clients in the construction of spaces that promote people’s well-being is our commitment

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