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Estimation of Building Costs

Investors use building cost estimates as a basis to evaluate project feasibility and profitability. Owing to our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the building market, we are able to offer this valuable, confidence-building service, on which our clients rely to make informed decisions and maximise return on investment.

Built upon over 35 years of experience in all real estate and construction sectors, in several geographic areas and market segments, our extensive database represents an invaluable asset that we use to serve the best interests of our clients.

The complete and detailed information we possess can be easily extrapolated to any type of project, in a reliable manner, allowing investors to make fast decisions. We provide sound advice to our clients on the key factors that influence the final price of projects, namely construction materials and methods, as well as technical and finishing solutions.

Owing to our extensive know-how and our exhaustive database, we are able to estimate the costs of works in existing buildings and infrastructures, from simple building maintenance to complex rehabilitation works, as well as the implementation costs of new construction projects, at any stage, from the definition of the occupancy programme to the building stage.