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Project Feasibility Study

In a market where change is the only constant, each and every development strategy should be supported by studies that help make informed decisions. Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the market provide us with the necessary skills to analyse all the factors that may influence project materialisation.

Combining fieldwork and analytical models, our methodology draws on our experience and market data. We rely on a complete set of tools to conduct rigorous, unbiased assessments that will help our clients define and implement promotion and investment strategies, based on reliable conclusions.

In addition to assessing potential risks and identifying the best concepts, our teams recommending actions and procedures that will add value to each project.

Every project feasibility study focuses on technical and financial aspects, involving the following activities: project classification, based on the urban planning legislation in effect at the location; technical analysis and review of specialised elements; estimation of building costs and general planning of building operations. Studies may also focus on redefining the occupation programme, reorganising functional assets and optimising performance through alternative business solutions and development of adequate business plans.