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Permits and Urban Planning

Urban planning is a priority in urban development projects. This first approach is crucial to determining the site structure, balanced occupation of areas and environmental quality. In order to meet this demanding challenge, we rely on techniques that add value to buildings and the surrounding environment.

Engexpor specialises in technical and strategic advice and consulting in the field of urban development, from land parcelling to the construction of buildings. We conduct an exhaustive survey of urban planning regulations and limitations, such as to optimise construction potential and anticipate eventual constraints.

Additionally, we advise developers on the most adequate permitting process, in order to reduce time and costs, while providing assistance and liaising with the various entities involved during all project stages.

We provide services to all real estate sectors and lend our expertise to a wide range of projects, from tourist resorts to shopping centres, residential buildings and industrial, commercial and service facilities, in addition to engaging in urban renewal programmes.