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We provide precise, independent and informed analyses that help investors to make decisions.

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Technical Due Diligence

The financial and operational feasibility of assets is a determinant factor to any investor who wishes to successfully develop a new project or materialize a transaction. Helping investors make the right decision at the right time is the mission of our experts in technical due diligence, as they provide precise, independent and substantiated analyses.

We work with investors, developers, owners and agencies who broker/mediate the purchase and sale of assets. Whatever the type of investment, its size or sector, our vast experience and knowledge of the market, combined with the independence and transparency we apply to each process, are differentiators and reliable factors, providing our clients with the trust they need to make informed decisions based on solid data and field work.

We guarantee a clear and complete image of the asset, allowing the investors to evaluate and mitigate risks. Our appraisals include a technical study of the condition and status of the asset, suggestions on how to mitigate possible risks, in addition to checking compliance with design and construction standards, local legislation and use suitability. This is how  we can help to maximize the asset’s potential and provide competitive advantages.

Our methodology

We know how crucial it is for our clients that processes be swift. As such, we mobilize our teams quickly and effectively. Based on the available information regarding the asset, we perform a preliminary analysis which is later complemented by an assessment on site, so as to verify aspects not identified in the desktop analysis or that are only possible through a presencial diagnosis.

Our team is usually composed by a project coordinator, civil, mechanical and electric engineers, and depending on the asset’s peculiarities and clients’ requirements, we can mobilize environmental and/or geotechnical engineers.