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We provide precise, independent and informed analyses that help investors to make decisions.

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Technical Due Diligence

Financial and operational feasibility are key factors for companies wishing to develop new projects or undertake successful business operations. Our specialists in Technical Due Diligence help investors make the right decisions at the right time, by conducting precise, independent, grounded assessments.

We work with investors, promotors, owners and asset brokers. Regardless of the type, size or sector of investment, our wide experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, allied to the principles of independence and transparency we observe in every process, set us apart from our competitors and have earned us the trust of our clients, who consider us the ideal partner to make informed decisions, based on accurate data and sound fieldwork.

We provide a clear, complete view of the asset, allowing investors to assess and reduce the associated risks. Our evaluations include a study of the technical condition and status of the asset, provision of advice concerning the mitigation of eventual risks, analysis of compliance with project requirements, building standards and local legislation, and adequacy to the intended use. Only in this manner can we help maximise the potential of the asset and secure competitive advantages.

Our methodology

We know that process celerity is key to our clients, which is why we ensure that our teams operate quickly and effectively. We conduct a preliminary study, based on available information, which is subsequently complemented by an on-site evaluation, such as to allow the identification of issues not detected during desktop analysis or which can only be diagnosed at the site.

Our studies include a wide range of projects, of different types and sizes, including existing buildings and land development projects. Existing buildings are assessed based on an exhaustive, multidisciplinary approach, involving the identification and classification of problems, the identification of corrective solutions and the estimation of associated costs. The assessments conducted may also include a verification of compliance with legal requirements, confirmation of the existing building area and analysis of feasibility of an eventual extension or use change. Land plot assessments involve a multidisciplinary analysis of the physical conditions of the site and applicable urban planning regulations, such as to determine the site’s potential. Additionally, these studies usually include an estimation of  building costs and the general planning of the works involved.

Due diligence conclusions may be presented in several formats, depending on the project stage and the client’s needs, from simple Red Flag reports, to inform a first decision and support the initial asset negotiation stages, to complex reports, which include all necessary information for the production of business plans and capital raising.

Our technical team includes specialist in a wide range of fields, namely urbanists, architects and civil, mechanical and electrical engineers. Moreover, the services of environmental and geotechnical engineers may be called upon, depending on the specific characteristics of the asset and client requirements. We favour collaborative work with the client’s team and all legal, financial and commercial consultants involved.