We work closely with developers of office buildings and corporations to help them obtain the best return on their investment.


We have a global view of how new trends influence office development: tenant requirements, new working models, and the need to provide more flexible and productive spaces.

Developers seek to improve the quality and efficiency of buildings to increase their potential to attract and retain tenants, while at the same time they want to optimize costs. At Engexpor, we make clients’ objectives our own. From the acquisition of the plot and planning up to the completion of the work, our specialists are trained to create best solutions that obtain the desired results for your business.

Over the last decades, we have left our mark on prestigious buildings from renowned developers, whether on multi-tenant buildings or on headquarters for domestic and international companies. Lisbon, with a strong focus on the Parque das Nações, Porto or Luanda are cities where many of these developments have come to life.

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